Enroute to the Mining Center


repeating grass texture. Nuff said.

It’s from gm_tf2flatgrass, I couldn’t find a decent TF2 desert floor map to use.

Why do they need rockets/missiles at a mining center?

Because this is the TF2 universe.

The Mining center is a cover.

The smoke looks like paint.

close, it’s airbrush!

and the map is gm_tf2flatgrass. I added some props is all.

Even if it’s airbrush it doesn’t change how it looks.

not like I care much, it looks good.

Nice idea and angle, the textures and stuff just look bad.

because I couldn’t find a good TF2 desert map with the space I needed.

Actually it looks pretty shit, and nothing like smoke at all.

Repeating grass texture could’ve been covered with vegetation.

Terrible scenebuild.

how so? the ground my guess?

Not only the grass. Sorry of course, but the smoke from a train is…well ,you understanded, right?

Yes, and the rest of it is just dull and flat.