Enslaved: Odyssey to the West Models

Is there anyone out there that can convert XNALara models to Garry’s Mod? Or is there at least some sort of helpful video tutorial on how to do it? I’ve asked plenty of people for help, they’ve given me help, but many problems have happened and it’s kinda hard to just read some things that barely have any specific things I need to know. I’m going to try at least one more time at trying to get a model into Garry’s Mod, but if it doesn’t work I might need help. I’m trying to get Monkey, Trip, and Pigsy into Garry’s Mod. So if anyone here knows how to convert the models then could you possibly do it? And if not, but know of some great tutorials it’d be great if you could post them on here. Thanks.

Edit: Updating with links in a few minutes to models from XNALara

Monkey: http://o0crofty0o.deviantart.com/art/Enslaved-Monkey-227822284
Trip: http://o0crofty0o.deviantart.com/art/Enslaved-Trip-198833429
Pigsy: http://www.tombraiderforums.com/showpost.php?p=5800636&postcount=17223

I tryed to do it again, and for some reason the version of blender I was told to have won’t recognize python sadly. So if anyone knows of a good tutorial(I have information from Squiddy from a long time ago, but I don’t think it works anymore.) please post it here.

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Alright I finally found a new, and working script for importing the files, so now I’ve finally got a character imported in, and saved as a .blend(As Squiddy told me to do). Link to what Squiddy told me to do: http://i.imgur.com/2Htse.jpg

Hopefully what he told me was all correct, if not then please tell me what I have to do, before I end up messing up, but still I’ll continue what he told me.

So right now I’m stuck at the part where he told me that I need to append the object from the other .blend, as I’m not so sure what he was talking about.
I’ve already got the .blend I’ve made put into the latest Blender version, I just need help doing the append thing that gets the rigging and other info from the model, applying his textures, making collision meshes, define vertex groups, and how to compile.

Pretty much what I’ve gotten so far doing the first part importing and saving as .blend, now stuck at appending and the rest:

If I get through this with help, and finish the rest of these 3 characters I’ll be on my way to converting more models for everyone.

I have already ported Trip and Monkey for one pose I made, so they do lack faceposing unforunately (only like one flex or so). I didn’t upload them for some reason, guess I didn’t think they were useful. You can have them though if you want.



Thanks :slight_smile: I’m already trying to do Pigsy, as it’s a real bitch to do. Pretty much just finished applying the textures in 3ds max, now I just gotta do the other hard stuff.