Ent:KINGS: DarkRP Entity - Interactive computer for bankers (NON-SQL)


Hello there, fellow Facepunchers and GMOD users, as we share a passion for Garry’s Mod: I will name you ‘friend’.
I would like to remind you that I’m releasing these for the simple reason my community has been disbanded. My server is offline, and I no longer have any affiliation with a DarkRP set-up. Therefore I’d like to share these with you, so others may have some fun with it. Who doesn’t like some free unique content on their gamemode?!

There is a catch in this story, because I am no longer actively developing these entities. I cannot offer you any support. If you reply describing a issue in a well-constructed and clear way, with the error messages included: I will try and find a solution. It may take time or I may not reply at all.

Naturally, positive or negative feedback even is appreciated.

Technical functions

  • Unique GUI, ‘real’ feel for bankers.
    View the interface here.
    This feature requires your players to download. Instructions included.

  • Sounds for every button click, entering of a field and function.
    No download required, HL2 sounds used.

  • Stores information without SQL.
    Information resets on deletion of the entity or reconnecting of a player. Non-global: Every banker sees his personally submitted data.

  • Physical
    The banking machine can be stolen.

  • Erroring
    Error messages for all functions.
    Ex in red text: ‘You do not have enough funds!’ when attempting to print more money than possessed.
    Role-play functions

? Print cheques
Select a player from the list and use the slider (or enter) a value for the cheque to be printed.

? Keep balance
Someone stored money in your bank or keeping track of their money printer deliverings? Select their name and enter their balance to add/update it.



Now that I’ve ran you through: I hope you’ll enjoy this entity as much as I did. It is very simple and deserves no medal. But it can add some joy and authenticity to your server. Please do not remove my name from the code; however I do state allowance for you to edit, upgrade or downgrade the code where needed. Please do not sell it. Ent:KINGS is releasing this on a non-commercial license.

First release on FP. Give me a nudge if I’ve forgotten to include something despite my double checking.

Read the documentation but don’t know how to spawn this entity? Read my full guide on spawning and adding it to the F4 menu:

Click to read guide!


Love the thread layout and the computer interface.

Great stuff, Loving the layout.
Although, I’ve added everything as told how to, but nothing shows up for me to spawn?

Entities have to be spawned manually, by F4 menu of DarkRP or with a automatic spawner script.

Try ‘ent_create banker’ in console if holding superadmin powers.

Adding this:

AddEntity(“Banking Computer”, {
ent = “banker”,
model = “models/props/cs_office/computer.mdl”,
price = 500,
max = 1,
cmd = “/buybank”,
allowed = TEAM_BANKER

to the addentities.lua file found in garrysmod\gamemodes\DarkRP\gamemode will make the banker machine be available for purchase by anyone whom joins the banker job.

I’ll include this with the thread.

Chears for that! :slight_smile:

Do not use any of this, He is a scammer who stole $300 from the main owner
Look here www.sdgaming.org

I have never scammed anyone. I am not going to go back into a big community history to settle my name. As it’s as simple as all the legals of the community being on my name, giving me full right to all its dependencies.

On a second note: these were all programmed to me and I have the right to re-claim these for my own use. The second owner whom I ran this community with has had no input in the codes released on this board, by this account.

I don’t see the relevance. But I will be reporting you to Facepunch.

For some reason, I agree with OP. I’ve had this happen to me before - one person doesn’t do any work and is entirely focused on money and the other person does all of the coding and is more focused on making a fun game.

End result = person doing all the work realized that they’re getting a crappy deal and leave with what ever things belong to them.

Stop. We realize that you are butthurt about it, but get the fuck over it and stop shitting all over this guy’s threads.

This is so annoying… When i change job the Entity doesn’t disseaper how they supposed to do. also i can only grav gun it and it falls straight on the ground.

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Also It’s not yours so if you want to remove someone’s props that prop won’t disseaper

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It Show’s Up as a blocked entity, Well if i do that peopple can psygun it, whole server will get fucked :smiley:

Please get a fix

Only admins have the ability to physgun the entity, as players could just freeze their banking machine and not have it stolen.

You can’t ‘remove’ someone’s printer either. If you want to change this, make it explode.

What is there to fix about blocked entity? It’s a world prop and has to do with your server settings (FPP>allow tool blocked entities).

I wouldn’t suggest doing this as people would just physgun banking machines out of the owners residence. It’s fine this way, if you want it differently, you’ll have to change the code yourself.

Well the Annoying Part of the first thing i said is that you can’t turn the entity as how u like. i spawn it and it drops on the ground and is very hard to get it up again using grav gun

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Also, If I’m going to do that admins have ability to physgun it, than they can also physgun the PayPhone I’ve installed.

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Also, I clicked in the right upper corner, screen closed, now i can’t re-open.

So when I stop hosting RP, good stuff comes out?
Seems legit.

And it’s gone just like that :tinfoil:

lmao developers with an attitude go nowhere

And rude leechers that can’t read disclaimers do?

If you release something, expect it to be leeched, since you’ve allowed it to be freely distributed, disclaimer or not. Since it’s been downloaded, it’ll probably be re-uploaded by someone else.

Stop shitting up the Gamemode & Addon Releases section when all you do is release something temporarily, get called out for an exploit and then have a childish hissy fit and shut your thread, in which case is not releasing. We don’t need shit like that.
If you release scripts with exploits in them, expect to be called up on it and expected to fix it, even though you say “no support/updates”, which brings me to my next point, is it even your code, made by you? Because you release[temporarily] with no support what-so-ever.

TLDR; If you don’t like it, don’t release it. And don’t make a fucking thread for every tiny script you have [or apparently made]. Make a MegaThread, or even better- Not at all.

It is my code. And the reason I don’t give support is because I quit LUA/GMOD. Other server owners could take the releases to their use rather than me leaving it for dust. For thus reason it’s freely distributed. And I have no issue with people re-uploading. Neither was it temporary. It was meant to stay on but they shouldn’t come back begging for improvements of the code or expansions to the code when I’ve narrowed down this is a one way use only. I removed them as people kept harassing me for changes and such. The code works. If they want it to run more efficiently or without security breaches they’ll have to hotfix it themselves.

haha I actually look for servers that use your addons so I can use the exploits you left in them because newsflash they were poorly written.

Also how can I be leeching if you uh… publicly released it

When people download something that was released they expect it not to have an exploit in the the code. You could have atleast given people a warning saying the addon contains an exploit. Also people weren’t begging for improvements, they were asking for you to fix a exploit so they can use it on their server safely.