Ent:KINGS - DarkRP Entity - Payphone (anonymous texting + call mother)

Hello there, fellow Facepunchers and GMOD users, as we share a passion for Garry’s Mod: I will name you ‘friend’.
I would like to remind you that I’m releasing these for the simple reason my community has been disbanded. My server is offline, and I no longer have any affiliation with a DarkRP set-up. Therefore I’d like to share these with you, so others may have some fun with it. Who doesn’t like some free unique content on their gamemode?!

There is a catch in this story, because I am no longer actively developing these entities. I cannot offer you any support. If you reply describing a issue in a well-constructed and clear way, with the error messages included: I will try and find a solution. It may take time or I may not reply at all.

Naturally, positive or negative feedback even is appreciated.


Technical functions

? Another authentic GUI by Ent:KINGS.
View the interface here.
As you can see, there is an empty space on the top. My logo used to be there. Add your own by yourself, or take advantage of my willingness to put your logo on it $1. This feature requires your players to download. Instructions included.

? Sounds
No download required, HL2 sounds used.

? Does not show identities in log by default.
I’ll add an instruction of how to add the original sender of a anonymous message to admin logs to counter-strike abusive messages.

? Anti-spam
Keeps the player from overusing the message system.

? Erroring
Error messages for all functions.
Ex in red text: ‘You do not have enough funds!’ when attempting send text messages without money.

Role-play functions

? Send text message
Select a player and send the person a anonymous text message. This will appear in his chat as [Payphone] Anonymous: “message”.

? Call mother
This is a little joke wrapped into the payphone. As the user calls his mother, a messagebox pops up showing a dialog between the user and his mother. It will soon show he is hearing sexual sounds. Which comes with HL2 breathing and screaming sounds for realism. Very funny attribute. Can be removed easily when found offensive.


I hope you will enjoy this add-on. It has a rotating ‘bubble’ above it to indicate its use. I know my players used to love it. Both for troll as for purposes of hitman hits and such. It’s a pretty simple code. Please do not remove my name from the code; however I do state allowance for you to edit, upgrade or downgrade the code where needed. Please do not sell it. Ent:KINGS is releasing this on a non-commercial license.

Read the documentation but don’t know how to spawn this entity? Read my full guide on spawning and adding it to the F4 menu:

Click to read guide!

>> Fixed n Workshopped <<

Hi, i see you are a new member, but you are delivering great add-ons :3
Thanks bro, I’ll use it

Thanks :slight_smile: Never got into the Facepunch bit. To be very honest, didn’t even realize it was here until I started looking into LUA.


Hey i got a question, i’ve installed everything correctly how the instructions said
Now when i join the server there is no Payphone or anything. I’ve searched it on my map, can’t find it.
got rp_downtown_v4c
I also tried to search in the files for vector position but couldn’t find it :#

It doesn’t come with a spawn script. You have to spawn it yourself and save it to your map/server.

Simply because my spawn vectors wouldn’t work universally on every map in the game. Along with that comes the issue that not everyone wants those phones everywhere on the map. I’m currently writing a entity spawn tutorial. But it’s pretty simple so I’ll just lay it out:

  • Make sure you are logged into RCON if not on a listen server, or have full super admin powers.

Write the following line in console:

‘ent_create telephone_booth’

If you wish to make the telephones spawn at certain positions every time you run the map, you will need a auto-spawner code with your preferenced positions.

Aww, Whell I don’t know how to make a auto-spawner code but i created it using ulx ent telehpone_booth

Managed to dig this tutorial up, they explain it pretty elaborate and it isn’t as hard as the code might look at first sight. It’s really just adding the vectors:

Read this tutorial on auto-spawners (credits to KillerLUA)

How do I make it so it doesn’t dissapear after restart?

It’s kinda annoying since if i use this code with the model it will spawn the normal model and not your addon with the model.

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Also, I’ve brought my friend, send him a message and he didn’t receive anything but money went off. He did same to me but i haven’t received any message.

As I said. I don’t have a full spawner code. That tutorial allows you to make a basic model spawner which you will have to adjust. I’ll probably make one this weekend that fits with my entities.

Did you read the instructions on the part of adding code to the main.lua of your DarkRP gamemode?

Yeah i did add it correctly using notepad ++, don’t have any errors in console.

I would strongly suggest double checking your main.lua file as it’s working fine for me and for the others much so.

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Read previous posts. You need to build an auto-spawner.

I’ve found the error: gamemode/server/main.lua:499: attempt to call field “GetFirstvalue” (a nil value)

I’ll hop in-game and see if I made any mistakes whilst polishing up the code for publish. It seems to be fine for everyone else tho. BRB.

everything works for me, every addon no errors and this one i get the error lol :smiley:

Do not use any of this he is a scammer who took $300 from the main owner

I have never scammed anyone. I am not going to go back into a big community history to settle my name. As it’s as simple as all the legals of the community being on my name, giving me full right to all its dependencies.

On a second note: these were all programmed to me and I have the right to re-claim these for my own use. The second owner whom I ran this community with has had no input in the codes released on this board, by this account.

I don’t see the relevance. But I will be reporting you to Facepunch.

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I’m really sorry, but I’ve ran it again and it works fine. As it works great for the others too, I’m afraid I cannot help you any further with your issue. I can’t really fix the issue without looking into your code. All I can say is try restarting the server. There are no code issues I can spot.

Go ahead scammer

Once again. Reported to Facepunch. If you have an issue with me, make a paypal dispute or head to the local police station and file a report. I have handled and acted by my legal rights of maintaining what is mine. Just because the companies of which involved parties will tell you the same, does not mean you can spam my threads with 1. Off-topic messages 2. Spam 3. Slander and accusations with no underlying fundamental arguments.

Now be-gone and let me focus on those whom actually have someone useful to say.

This is how i have it in main.lua