ENT:Touch help

I have this:

function ENT:Think()
  self:SetAngles(self:GetAngles() + Angle(0,0.1,0))
  self:NextThink( CurTime() )
  return true

function ENT:Touch(ent)
    if ent:IsPlayer() then ent:Kill() end

in my entity’s init.lua

In-game this entity is just a spinning bar that kills you when you touch it. However, this bar doesn’t kill you if it rotates into you, you’ll just get stuck until it moves out. It will only kill you if you move into it. How could I fix this?

The entity must be “Touched” but there is no check if the entity is “Touching” what I mean is when a player walks into it, the player is touching it, but when the bar touches them it is “Touching” the player and the player is being “Touched” please correct me if im wrong…

I have no idea how to solve this though

Did you remember to add ENTITY:SetTrigger(true) ?
Player has it enabled by default.

This cant be true because eitherwise my combine ball entity wouldn’t work.

Do what Ubre said. Also, always check the wiki first as you might have missed something

This fixed it, thank you!