ENT:Touch() With multiple entities?

I’m working on a crafting system, now the thing is that i managed to do only crafting between two entities, and i have no idea where to start using 3 entities. Any tips\ideas?

You know there’s no need to have them touching right? (ents.FindInSphere)

The way I did my crafting, was finding entities where I’m aiming when I run the !craft command, and check if they’re in a recipe.

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It’s cooler when they touch. Also why did you use the player position? You could’ve used the position of one of the props… I want to do a crafting system PERP style.

I used the player position because I really didn’t think of anything better xD

(Although I could have used the player’s trace .HitPos after removing the items)

About having them touch, I believe you’re well aware of how difficult it is to get some recipes on perp crafted. Most of the time something just isn’t touching :L

Pretty sure you still got to do an ents.FindInSphere. Then you run a loop on the table and make sure they’re all touching. I don’t really know how to get this right though. Might require some thinking.

If you code something for it into the item entities, it’s pretty easy to check TWO entities touching. Not sure about a mad clustershitfuck of entities.