ENT:Use overriding previous entity that was ENT:Use


So I’ve created a entity that creates a prop on the player and follows them, it all works perfectly until another player uses one and then my entity stops working and freezes in the air no longer following my player. But the one on the other player works perfectly fine.
This is the code I’ve got, any idea how to make it work, even when another player uses/spawns the entity as well?

That isn’t all the code.
And there’s an error on line 39, variable doesn’t exist.

To be honest i’m surprised this follows the player at all given you haven’t used one of the following;

It’s all the code causing the problem.
It’s loads of code, just showed the main part.

No, that’s just where you think it’s failing.

Please post your code for both entities and state where the files are located.

And try calling your entity something a bit more unique than “knife” first please.