Ent use question

I was wondering, when making an ENT:Use functrion for Ent use are you supposed to do; (EntityName):Use for the function, or are you supposed to define that within the function where it is created? I’m just wondering, because I’m going to be getting into this fairly soon no doubt.



You can only use it when defining scripted entities. You can’t just spawn say a zombie and use that with it.

I didnt get what he was trying to do…

Well alright. What I was meaning if say I wanted to make this thing that you can spawn; like say a pile o’ cash, when you press e on it, you take it. That’s basically what I’m talking about. But thanks, I think I get what you’re all trying to say.


But I think I may have found a solution… Thank you gamemode hooks. >:)

Yep, PlayerUse usually works too