Ent_Fire !!!Advanced_Security_System!!!

If you have already seen the E Fort V3 then chances are you have seen this. If so ignore it.

Security System

The security system, which I have setup another video for those that would like to see a smaller demostration is here.
For you Youtube fans.


You can download orignal video here.
http://rapidshare.de/files/29827415/sect.avi - Rapidshare
http://files.filefront.com/sectavi/;5419921;;/fileinfo.html - FileFront

I am not sure if this has been done before, a security system that is, I couldn’t find one in the forums, so this could be a first.

I decided that I was going to release the entire set of coding that I have currently as well, this means that the security system as well as my doors, and various other configs that I have set up for my own usage, will be availiable to anyone that wants to learn, or use it for themselves. The security system is rather advanced, in lockdown mode, all open doors that are set on the security system are closed and locked, as well as the prison doors. Setting the security is optional on the doors, and buttons can be set to open while it security is set, think a one way door.

The entire system I had previously setup was scrapped so that I could feature buttons that showed access and error buttons, and to allow for the security system to loop in. This setup is more effiecent, as it uses the door’s onusers to control functions like security, button control, lockdown bypasses, etc. If you don’t understand console scripting this might be to advanced for you to comprehend, I have setup a help command also so that people can view the commands, as well as their rough functions. To access this you type e_forthelp in the console.

Those of you that want my scripts, you can download them here, I have linked them offsite as I would like to keep track of the downloads, all of my doors and walls can be hooked into the security system one way or the other. The scripts need to be started before the aliases can be used.

The system currently features:

Transparent doors- these are my doors from v2 of E Fort.

Prison Transparent Doors- These are similiar to my v2 Prison door, they have two buttons now though, open and close

Vehicle and Backroom doors- these are similiar to my doors in v2 for the vehicle pathways, and the airboat launchs

Dynamic doors- I added this since alot of people still like their dynamic doors from any door mod.

Colored Walls- My seperate garages from v2 as well as a couple new colors added. Refer to e_forthelp.

Transparent escape doors- style that is seen in v2 computer area, escape, they are not secure based though.

Explosive Trap stuff- This is from my first E Fort, used in the second Version in the prison.

Lasers- Recent addition, you need vmf loader to use them, they are set up of fireuser, instead of +use

Turrets- Another recent addition, they are older than the lasers though.

Prision wall- From my original fort, the minge burner window, then adapted to become the prison view window.

MingeBurner- I have added my coding for the mingeburner.

Security Light- Some systems have their own versions, The system has it’s own version as well, Blinks red and white, solid green.

E Fort Configurations Downloads-Rar
http://rapidshare.de/files/29942776/SecureV1.5b.rar - Rapidshare
http://files.filefront.com/SecureV15brar/;5425573;;/fileinfo.html - FileFront

E Fort Configurations Downloads-Zip
http://rapidshare.de/files/29942783/SecureV1.5b.zip - Rapidshare
http://files.filefront.com/SecureV15bzip/;5425574;;/fileinfo.html - FileFront

To install drop the contents of the zip into your gmod9/ folder.
This line added to your autoexec, or userconfig, will start the E Fort Configuration everytime you start Garry’s Mod.

exec e_fort/e_fort.cfg

I broke this thread in half, it wasn’t getting the views it should have it came from the E Fort V3 thread located here.

Wow. Simply wow. You would get a 10 if they had a 10… but 5 will do.


You are a god. :D. This is brilliant. Have you got MSN, I would like to talk to you. :slight_smile:

Whoa That Is Simpliy Awesome. Me=Download Now

Nice usage of ent_fire man! :smiley:
Loads and loads of keypads.

great idea doing to threads chicken very informative. :slight_smile:

People please if you want to get ahold of me, don’t pm and ask to talk to me about this post here. I know this may sound harsh but if you pm me all your questions instead of asking them here, this thread will disappear, I am not going to bump it unless I update the system, if you have access to my screen names the same thing applies.

Vortex, I have multiple screen names, and msn is one of them.

I’m not trying to be rude or anything, I will answer the PMs still, but this is a forum, and there is a thread dedicated to it. Please post here, use your judgement though as some of the PMs I have recieved are better off as PMs not posts.

This must have taken ages to make! Great job!

This is amazing. Would you be so kind as to make more bases like this?

That was just a quick base, it’s only purpose was to demonstrait the security system, my E Forts are more like monster bases. I haven’t started v4 of E Fort as of yet, I don’t know if I want to start another extremely large project like v3 was. I will be updating the system though with newer and improved features as they come.

This system of yours is amazing, it puts some rp maps to shame.

More like it puts all RP maps to shame O.o

Thanks, I’m adding to this, so far I have added thrusters, and several optimizations to the code, I’m getting help on one part that is beyond me as to why it won’t work. I wrote it really late at night though, and was sick when I did so that might be the issue. I will be adding env_beams to this in the form of trip wires for some sections. Also some sort of step on it and fall through, like a pit.

I’m taking suggestions as to what I should add, you’ll be credited for it if I can do it.

I think you should add some sort of invisible tripwire that sounds a claxion alarm If that’s at all possible

An extendable bridge!

That would be covered with the thrusters, Faunze, build the bridge yourself, the system could be used to open or close it, unless you want something like the vmf loader bridge.

that’s some cool stuff man

Chicken, thou art a god amidst mere mortals.

Thanks everyone, Faunze the more I thought about your request last night I liked it, and I probably would never have thought about it.

The list goes as such for new features so far.



** Myself, planned to take care of the touchlock panels first then this was on the list next.


Pit Trap



Klaxon alarm

** - Duneshogle, A couple IMs, Myself - This was going to get added anyways.



** -Faunze



** - This one is a bit different, there are going to be several variants added to it. I would like suggestions on this part here.
So far though
Igniter, player loses 50 hp from walking through. - Hamp
General Security
Several Traps - This section will also have a reset option after security is shut off. Panels that appear and dissappear will also be a part of this section each beam trap will have it’s own set of panels.

  • Laser trap, player walks through beam lasers turn (ex. Lasers on the wall turn on and lock player within, fear of dieing I suppose.)
  • Thruster Trap, Walks through beam thruster turns on (ex. A large heavy object hanging in the hallway comes slamming down the hallway to crush the player)
  • Turret Trap, Smoe goes through beam, turrets in hallway activate smoe gets blasted.

I want to add a scanner section to the door way like a bypass for certain players, some reason though the scanner won’t pass the correct commands all the time, so I have two ways around it, set up a filter_team_activator, and have team changing pads, or set up the scanner to dislike and like people as such, with pads for them as well. This is something I have not choosen how to do yet, as some servers will not like the team changing and others would rather have the team changer pads if they are admin.

I’d revise this some more but I have to go do something else and this has been sitting for 2 hours now.

Seems like you are going to have a lot to do. Are you going to use the combine alarm for the klaxon?

Chicken for the env beams try this:

ent_fire beam addoutput "ontouchedbyentity !activator,addoutput,origin jail origins"

So if someone walks in without knocking they get sent to the jail.