ent_fire entity?

So recently I was looking through some ideas for RP gamemodes and what not, and I noticed that most servers use a material on the client to show the fire. I thought there was an entity called “entity flame” or something like that built into gmod however, I guess I was wrong.

So my main question is, how exactly can I use the “entity flame” fire particles on an entity?

ent_fire isn’t an entity, it’s saying “fire a command on an entity”, you’re looking for env_fire

ah alright, I think I understand now. How exactly could I create the env_fire entity in-game though?

could I just ents.Create it?

Yes you could. But you might need to figure out the key values and input tho.

Yeah, I figured that that might be the case, which keyvalues should be assigned? I’ve really never had to use them for anything other than vehicle scripts.

the valve dev wiki used to better at showing keyvalues, for the actual key names you have to open source sdk, make the entity you want, and turn smartedit off

The important ones are health ( burn time ), firesize ( how large the fire is ), damagescale ( how much to multiply fire_dmgbase by when determining damage ), fireattack ( how quickly the fire reaches maximum size / strength ).

Some spawnflags are useful as well:

1: Infnite Duration
2: Smokeless ( greatly improves performance )
4 / 8: Start On / Start Full
32: No Glow ( improves performance )

The spawnflag 128 is for deleting it when it is out, but this doesn’t seem to work if you start with the fire off - I’ve had to work around that:

fire:Fire( "AddOutput", "OnExtinguished !self,Kill", 0 )

I use .fgds for this. just open base.fgd and hl2.fgd and CTRL+F the entity name.