ent_fire issue, it does nothing at all

sv_cheats is set to 1.
command: ent_fire BonnieKilledYou StartOverlays 0.0
BonnieKilledYou is a copy pasted entity name. StartOverlays is the correct input to give. sv_cheats is 1. It works if it is triggered that way by the map. And yet someway, somehow, it does literally nothing if I ent_fire it that way. Why?

Just tested “ent_fire player Ignite” still no results.

EDIT: I misinterpreted your post.

Just tried “ent_fire player Ignite” in singleplayer and it works.

That means sv_cheats is actually not set to 1 on the server.

works just tested make sure sv_cheats is set to 1
— edit —


Typing sv_cheats in the console yields “sv_cheats” = “1” ( def. “0” ) on both the client connected, and the server console.