Ent_fire !picker Setbodygroup # in Stool form

It gets pretty annoying when you have to type “Ent_fire !picker setbodygroup #” in console everytime to get a headless infected, Hatless Snipers, or Diguised Spies.

Can somebody code it into a stool so it can be easier and faster to use?

[lua]concommand.Add(“setbodygroup”,function(p,c,a) local e = p:GetEyeTrace().Entity if ValidEntity(e) then e:Fire(“setbodygroup”,a[1],0) end end)[/lua]
Untested, but set setbodygroup # while looking at something should fire setbodygroup # on it.
EDIT: my bad, you wanted a stool. If I remember, I’ll do one, it should be easy enough.

Bodygroups are different from skins.

YES YES YES YES! I want this so fucking bad. There is to many things to list, sandvich with bite, broken Demo bottle, Sniper with arrows etc. Would be cool if it was like, left click was Body group and Right click was skin, both on one stool

I quickly whipped one up:

You can use left-click to change the entity’s bodygroup to the set value, and right-click to scroll through the skins.

I LOVE YOU! Thank you for making this

Great, now I don’t have to do “ent_fire !picker setbogygroup” in the console anymore. Thanks!

Sorry for bumping an old thread, but your download link doesn’t seem to exist anymore. I REALLY would like this stool, so it would be greatly appreciated it it could be put back up.


Yay =3 Now i can finally posed disguised spy’s ^^ Hurray silverlan!

I really appreciate it man, thank you so much!

i love you.

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u dont need bodygroup changer to get the masked spy!!! its already in the folder


u dont need bodygroup changer to get the masked spy!!! its already in the folder

Now i see why there is join date elitism…

This was before Garry implemented all the spy masks in the spawnlist.