Entelowoman takes a shower in a waterfall


:siren:DO NOT FAP TO THIS:siren:

So she’s a lizard rat thing with four tits?


Hot hot hot

Yup, but I am sure it’s supposed to represent a sow, they have 4 or more tits, I can’t remember. :geno:

what is this I don’t even

Picture is kinda bland, she/he/it isn’t even under the water.



You shouldn’t fap because it effectively is a furry.

LOL I actually didn’t

What Knockers! (young Frankenstein) What is that thing?



it would be nice if you actually put “it” under the waterfall

“It’s” A she.

Mildly hot I guess. She’d look better with only one pair of boobs.

NOT sexy!

I agree, it makes her look odd.

It’s nothing I would to anyway. This picture scared me and mah dick, it fell off and ran away.

That looks hideous.