Enter if you think that Mutants should replace Zombies!

I think this is the best idea, beause

[Dinosaurs are kinda weird, this is a Post-apocalyptic game, not Jurassic park

Military… well, may… posibblie, somewhere.

The other options are WEIRD

the best option are mutants.

They appeared from an incident of radiation.

they´re ugly, crazy, and a very large group, they habit at Radtowns, caves, dark places. What else?

at night they will follow you, try to kill you, come from nowhere and creep your from outside of you house making noises.

and then you can add Military, with their bases, getting atacked from the mutants, so you heard creeping noises, a shoots at night.

Idk, if you like the idea Comment, if dont, get away.


did you know the dev team already are working on mutant plants for monsters in game?

here is the info

I don’t feel they fit the game, nor do I particularly like them. =/ It would be a shame if these got into the game, dinosaurs/ai would have even been better with human ai resistance.

i am not sure about these either but on the other hand i can’t think of anything better, that already hasn’t been done a thousand times, i think the concept may work,They just need to refine the design of the creatures,

Whatever they decide to add people will find a reason to complain about them.

As long as it’s not zombies or dinosaurs, I don’t really care what it is. I don’t even care if Mexican jumping beans on steroids are the main enemy of the game.

apparently, according to the poll, many people disagree with you. thats kind of the point fo a poll after all.