Enter vehicle hook?

I’m using V-U Mod with Cider, and I’d like to know if there is a hook that’s called before a player enters a vehicle…because I would like to first check if the person owns the vehicle and if it’s unlocked/locked/etc…

EDIT: Problem solved…now I just need to know what the KeyPress codes are. is IN_GRENADE1 the G button by default?

EDIT2: I’d like to know if there is like a single function that can spawn a vehicle? I currently create an entity, then set the model, script, etc and then spawn it. But I can just press the vehicle in the vehicle tab which does it in one click, what is the function that spawns a vehicle?

A quick answer would be no, there is not one function to just spawn a vehicle.
Unless you make a function, like sandbox does:


local function MakeVehicle( Player, Pos, Ang, Model, Class, VName, VTable )

if (!gamemode.Call( "PlayerSpawnVehicle", Player, Model, VName, VTable )) then return end

local Ent = ents.Create( Class )
if (!Ent) then return NULL end

Ent:SetModel( Model )

// Fill in the keyvalues if we have them
if ( VTable && VTable.KeyValues ) then
	for k, v in pairs( VTable.KeyValues ) do
		Ent:SetKeyValue( k, v )
Ent:SetAngles( Ang )
Ent:SetPos( Pos )

Ent.VehicleName 	= VName
Ent.VehicleTable 	= VTable

// We need to override the class in the case of the Jeep, because it 
// actually uses a different class than is reported by GetClass
Ent.ClassOverride 	= Class

gamemode.Call( "PlayerSpawnedVehicle", Player, Ent )
return Ent	


duplicator.RegisterEntityClass( “prop_vehicle_jeep_old”, MakeVehicle, “Pos”, “Ang”, “Model”, “Class”, “VehicleName”, “VehicleTable” )
duplicator.RegisterEntityClass( “prop_vehicle_jeep”, MakeVehicle, “Pos”, “Ang”, “Model”, “Class”, “VehicleName”, “VehicleTable” )
duplicator.RegisterEntityClass( “prop_vehicle_airboat”, MakeVehicle, “Pos”, “Ang”, “Model”, “Class”, “VehicleName”, “VehicleTable” )
duplicator.RegisterEntityClass( “prop_vehicle_prisoner_pod”, MakeVehicle, “Pos”, “Ang”, “Model”, “Class”, “VehicleName”, “VehicleTable” )

Name: CCSpawnVehicle
Desc: Player attempts to spawn vehicle
function CCSpawnVehicle( Player, command, arguments )

if ( arguments[1] == nil ) then return end
local vname = arguments[1]
local VehicleList = list.Get( "Vehicles" )
local vehicle = VehicleList[ vname ]

// Not a valid vehicle to be spawning..
if ( !vehicle ) then return end

local tr = Player:GetEyeTraceNoCursor()

local Angles = Player:GetAngles()
	Angles.pitch = 0
	Angles.roll = 0
	Angles.yaw = Angles.yaw + 180

local Ent = MakeVehicle( Player, tr.HitPos, Angles, vehicle.Model, vehicle.Class, vname, vehicle ) 
if ( !ValidEntity( Ent ) ) then return end

if ( vehicle.Members ) then
	table.Merge( Ent, vehicle.Members )
	duplicator.StoreEntityModifier( Ent, "VehicleMemDupe", vehicle.Members );

undo.Create( "Vehicle" )
	undo.SetPlayer( Player )
	undo.AddEntity( Ent )
	undo.SetCustomUndoText( "Undone "..vehicle.Name )
undo.Finish( "Vehicle ("..tostring( vehicle.Name )..")" )

Player:AddCleanup( "vehicles", Ent )


concommand.Add( “gm_spawnvehicle”, CCSpawnVehicle )

local function VehicleMemDupe( Player, Entity, Data )

table.Merge( Entity, Data );

duplicator.RegisterEntityModifier( “VehicleMemDupe”, VehicleMemDupe )

@Derek Thank you! Since sandbox is the parent game mode, I’m guessing I can just call this function? If so, how would I do that? GM:MakeVehicle()?

No because MakeVehicle is a local function. You can call CCSpawnVehicle (which I doubt will work for your purpose??) or recreate the MakeVehicle function (copy-paste yo)