Entering Key Code With Number Pad On Keyboard

Just a thought.

I’d like to be able to type in door codes on my number pad on my keyboard, to feel a little more realistic then clicking them with my mouse. Hopefully this would be something relatively simple as far as coding or programming goes.

It might be like that to slow you down (and to limit macroing hacking doors).

Ahhh… the anti cheat program wouldn’t catch something like that?

We need this. Bad.

I you can use mouse x/y clicks just as easily though, they could just expand it to 5 digits and call it good

we need this lmfao!

I just like the idea of it actually feeling like my number pad is the keypad on the door. Beeping in sync with me pressing the numbers on my keypad LoL.

It’s the little things.

I imagine people trying to guess door codes to goa little something like this: [video]https://youtu.be/mrxuksJVbvU[/video]

Or the server could just lock the fucking lock for 5 seconds on a bad code and we can call it a day. They should have done this on day 1, I seriously wonder what the hell is going on in their little minds sometimes. They actually went through all the trouble of giving 1hp damage to people missing the code, would have taken less time to put a cooldown and the prob would be fixed forever. Nobody even with a hack is gonna stand in front of a door for 10000x 5 seconds to break your code, just won’t happen.

I like trying to guess people’s door codes. You’d be amazed how many people use the year they were born. LoL

admittedly i don’t see the point to the 1hp damage other than attempting to break bruteforce scripts by killing the player (which a lockout period would do, possibly better). for one thing, all you need is a few med syringes and bam, negated. besides, i like trying to crack codes; if i want to stand there forever doing so, let me. someone will come past and kill me, or i deserve to access the lock i worked hard to crack.


I already posted this idea some time ago. :wink:

Great minds think alike?. Lol. I just like to try and guess people’s codes , the keypad idea would enhance that experience for me.

This… Is actually a great idea. I’ve been so used to the current lock code system that i’ve never thought about a system like this.

It’s how password control has been done forever… 3 attempts and then you get a cooldown. Each time you trigger the cooldown you increase it in lenght and at some point you just refuse further inout from that user for X hours. Bye bye codelock hackers.