Entering the Basement

My first real pose. I took a while on this and I would like some constructive criticism please! Done on cs_assault (and I had to photoshop the handle on the door because the original door didn’t have one…).






“Rawr, I’m gonna claw the handle off!”

The posing looks pretty good, but everything around the characters looks bland, plain, and ultimately uninteresting.

Thanks for a quick reply! I’ll keep those points in mind for my next pose!

Edit gives the picture a cold atmosphere, which is fitting; and the smoke is nice. Posing could use a bit of work, but it isn’t bad. The picture is a bit empty though.

Yeah I wasn’t sure what else I could add. The intent was for a cold atmosphere so I guess I did a good job on that part!

evil hand

I really like the steam coming from the grate.

Yeah the hand is rather stupid looking…

A better angle would be nice.


What map was this on?

Steam doesn’t look like that. Looks like someone is having a major cannabis party under the grid.
Camera angle is pretty bad. Don’t go for high-angles.

Other than that, the posing is pretty good (but, as others have said, remember your fingerposing).

Maybe the people they are going after are drug dealers who do their own. :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks for the input Chesty, much appreciated!