Entering the city.


Another thing made for Espionage wars (hence the graffiti) that turned out rather nice and people seemed to like, so i figured it was worth posting.

And as a bonus, here’s some more poses i made of the same faction for Espionage wars. Not quite as nice as the one above, but i still think they’re decent.


‘‘Kebab go home’’ <3.

Love it, especially the small ESP-Wars easter eggs here and there.

BTW, where did you get the walls and the buildings from?

Is the top one a scenebuild?

“Fuck Tbonia” lol
I love it.

nice work, is it the main picture a scenebuild?

Yes, it’s a scenebuild.


I was trying to make the stream at the front a flooded trenchline but it just looked like a stream with sandbags in so i gave up and made it a stream instead.

The buildings are mostly from the STALKER building pack on the workshop with one or two fallout 3 things thrown in there, and the walls are from some STALKER prop pack too.

Not bad Floater.

Looks better. Nice.

took some inspiration from the WiC Soviet Assault intro?

Nice work.


I was struggling to think of how to show my guys entering the city they’re invading and then i remembered that part.