UK4 is currently missing from the list of official servers , but you can still enter the server by typing “net.connect” into the console . (No quotation marks ofcourse).

If it’s anything like UK2 it’s full of hackers and wks

You know, we’re allowed to swear here.

I don’t even know what that’s supposed to be. “weakass” is the only thing I could think of.

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OHHHH a buddy told me it’s “wankers”. That makes more sense.

There were usually alot of people online but since its missing from the list nobody knows they can connect so there is basically 10 of us enjoying an empty server , waiting for it to come back and people to join the usual way

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And there are no hackers atm , hopefully there wont be anymore since all the hackers that played there got an instan ban when the server dissapeared of the list ,so its hacker free

Was there some sort of ban wave nobody’s complained about, or are you saying that they don’t know how to connect?

Because… you tell them how in the thread OP.

I know there are a lot of children here… just trying not to be more facetious than necessary.

The game is (and will/should be) rated M for a reason. I’m tired of squeakers having their moms buy them the game. It’s their fault and bad parenting. I have no sympathy or consideration for swearing around these squeaking bitches.

Squeakers… Hahahaha