Enterprise-D (v1)

Enterprise-D (v1) - by Apwn In The Dark
Release Version: 1
Credit: Models Ported From ‘Star Trek: Bridge Commander’
Download Link: http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=63902

Contents Description:
-Enterprise-D Federation Starship (Downscaled, Oversized Shuttlebay)
-Type 6 Shuttlecraft + Phys Door
-Toy-Sized Golden Models of Galaxy, Sovereign, and Intrepid Class Starships

-Starship is comprised of 4 objects which need to be welded - the Saucer, Hull, and 2 engines.
This is to allow real modders to design game modes involving destructible ships.
-Plenty of room on bridge for crew, controls, gauges, gadgets etc.
-Shuttlebay is accessible from the bridge. It can hold 4 shuttles comfortably, and more if you cram them.

Future Releases:
-Space Dock


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To Developers & Scripters:

Garry’s Mod has a lot more potential in the way of space simulation than just ‘Space Build’.
It could potentially host a ‘Bridge Commander’ style gamemode featuring destructible starships,
space travel, weapons systems, and shields. Such a gamemode would suit both combat enthusiasts
and role players alike. For the love of God, please find a way to make the following a reality:

-Disable the physical map barriers to allow infinite traversable space.
Large starships cannot travel far before slamming into invisible walls, especially at warp 9 =D.
Being able to create planets and such with Hammer editor outside the boundary would be a bonus, but not necessary.
(Perhaps some kind of map scale hack?) Infinity sized maps require ‘player relative skyboxes’. (See below)

-Player Relative Skyboxes: Wherein every player does not see the same skybox, but rather each player
sees his own relative to his position. Since traditional skyboxes exist near a map’s boundary,
player relative skyboxes would be necessary as infinitely large maps have no boundaries.
Such skyboxes could also be much smaller than standard ones since they move with the player
thus appearing not to move at all – one main purpose of traditional skyboxes. Each player should not be
able to see another player’s skybox as it would look retarded when they intersected.

-An ‘instance box’ that affects players but not props, and governs its interior volume with special gravity rules based
on its own angle. Example: If the box fell on its left side, any player within it would perceive the map to have rotated
90 degrees clockwise. They would see the map’s horizon on the left hand side of the screen as they ‘walked on the wall’
(really the floor) of the box. The purpose would be to encapsulate an entire starship with such a box, which would allow
the ship to spin wildly through space on all axes while players stood upright and moved about the bridge.
(Some sort of magnetic shoe/floor mod could do the trick if the player’s perspective could rotate accordingly.)

-Some sort of traction enhancement to help players not slip and get murdered when walking on moving physics surfaces.
(Magnet shoes could possibly solve this too)

Contact Information:
-Aim: FierceKatana
-MSN/Email: FierceKatana@msn.com

This is very nice, thank you very much.

Yay, Galaxy class :smiley:

Can’t wait for voyager, these are killer. <3

Right off the bat, I spawned this model in Flatgrass to find that just about the entirety of the outer hull, including the deflector, was Cubemap’d. This doesn’t look good at all in an atmospheric setting. Plus there was this weird floating box, I don’t know if it was for alignment but it didn’t look good on the model at all.

The Engineering section was even worse. Ranging from an incomplete connecting portion (Nothing to cap it off) and Nacelles that even had holes, it was clear this model was meant to be assembled straight from the get-go.

There’s also no smoothing on the mesh at all, which this really badly needs. Enterprise is not a blocky ship. Interestingly, your gold trophy models of the Enterprise-E and Voyager have smoothing groups and look loads better. Why can’t this model have that?

I’d apply glows to the colored parts of the Nacelles, the red & blue spots, the deflector (the Blue\Red thing in the lower half) and the Bridge panels.

Things I do like is that it goes well with the SBMP Beam Cannons. The Gold Slasher can simulate a phaser beam. The bridge is also very NPC actor friendly

The shuttles are clearly not meant to be seen from the inside, as the inside just presents a face-flipped version of the outside hull.

Yea to be honest this project was a learning experience for me with both 3ds max itself and porting models, I barely know what I’m doing. However, the cubemapping looked fine at full graphics settings on my PC (see screenshots). Thats what I based my stamp of approval on. Also, what wierd floating box? Is it visible? Are you referring to the hull connection joint?

It was ported from .nif game models where section caps were not present. Also, you are correct that it’s default state should be fully assembled. The idea behind it is that when damaged, the engines break off, followed by the hull, and float away (thus not mattering much that there are holes) Evenso, I flipped the Hull and nacelle maps to make this seem less crappy.

I just figured preserving as much of the original game geometry as possible would be more ‘official’, plus it benefits people with crappy computers. Voyager and Enterprise-E models come from Star Trek: Legacy (many years newer than bridge commander and has much higher quality models). I chose to use the Enterprise-D model from Bridge Commander based on my personal opinion that it had more vibrant stock textures and fewer subobjects. Transplanting textures would have been more of a headache that its worth.

Yea the nacelles were originally one mesh but I selected the red and blue faces and detached them for this very reason. Then I couldnt figure out how to make them glow so I gave up =(

I wasnt aware of this mod but I did see an energy shield mod I thought would also compliment it well.

Lol yea. I thought the exterior skin looked good enough on the inside so I didnt waste my time crafting a nice interior.

This release was less about being ‘canon’ and more about fun, and the fact that Gmod is lacking in Star Trek content and good star ships in general. you’re criticism is well appreciated though, and I’m definitely already looking into these things for my next couple ships.

I’d take a look at a model that has lighted parts, like the AR2 View Model. I don’t think it requires recompiling the model. The Antlion Thumper also exhibits this glowing quality.

You realise that making an “infinite” map is impossible in source without getting source’s source code and i don’t think valve are that willing to do so.

The source engine has a limit as to how big its maps are. However there is a way to scale down the players and entity’s to make the map seem really big but it can never be limitless.

You should port some custom models made for BC/Legacy


Awesome Galaxy Class.

Make sure to ask permission before releasing though. People from these two communities get pretty upset if you release without permission.

You can make models glow in the dark by adding an alpha map to the part of the textures where it glows, and then adding $selfillum to the VMT file.

This is the second time I’ve told you… Disabling Map Boundries is simply not possible, even games like World of Warcraft have Map Boundaries.
It would be much easier to reduce the size of everything to a Popcan, much like what themaw has done with his Gamemode.

Tk1138 - Yea I saw that DJ galaxy ship shortly after this release, its beautiful. I would have used it if I had known of it’s existence sooner.

Matty… I’m asking the community, not just you - and for the sake of argument, it IS possible I promise.
It’s arrogant to categorize anything beyond YOUR capabilities as impossible. Saying its way too hard and impractical would be more accurate.

Suggesting that World of Warcraft (Does the game even have an engine at all?) pushes ANY technology limits is stupid. Not to mention that the game was never meant to be modded, as Gmod is.

Several games feature X,Y,Z infinity. Tribes 2 is a good example. It would generate repeating hills and valleys for infinity if you left the battle area, and if u wanted to go back youd have to cross them all again - or kill yourself and respawn. Rogue Trip (Car Combat, 1998 for christ sake) for Playstation 1 did this as well if you escaped the confines of the battle area. My friend and I put weights on the gas buttons for an hour while we watched a TV show to see how far we could flyand ended up in the middle of a cloudy nothingness, then dueled eachother. (A flying UFO was a selectable vehicle) Blackhawk down for PC also does this as well as several other games I have played whos titles escape me.

My point? Theoretically, and as evidenced by other games, spatial infinity is nothing more than larger x,y,z numbers that wouldnt cause any cpu’s usage to rise a single %. Therefore if you think mmos from 2004are evidence that Source can’t handle infinity-space, then you are likewise forced to accept said ancient games as irrefutable evidence that it (technically) can.

That’s just stupid.
Source is a GAME ENGINE. No mod can do ANYTHING more than the engine itself.


It’s hardcoded into the engine itself.
I’ve seen lots of games that can do infinite maps and generate random terrain on-the-fly, but those were on OTHER ENGINES. Some can, but SOURCE CAN’T!

And yes, every game has an engine.

Except maybe the first pong.

this is fucking awesome!

just some random pics i made with them

Whoa, Warp Drive in reverse, cap’n.

You got them nacelles backwards there, pal.

i just think they look better that way but thst would be cool warp backwards

This is amazingly done

JESUS thank you now I can do my screen shot!

Great pack!

Looking foward to the other star trek ships. Personally i would love to see the Enterprise ship from Star-trek Nemesis.

Maybe even the Akira class.

OK, i will just make a wish list:

Akira Class Ship (Federation)
That Enterprise from Nemesis (Federation)
Romulan Bird of prey (Rom- actually you get the idea.)

Someone forgot to set some smooth groups.

Also, I suggest the use of phong shading. If not, scale down the envmap values with a spec map or something.