Entire team is babies 3 teaser (kinda)

This is not to be taken seriously. It is a teaser of the new entire team is babies I have been making. The first one was almost a test video. The second one is ok, but the third is going to be FUCKING AMAZING.

I was just testing movement with the heavy ragdoll and decided to make a video about it. It has no relevance with the real video.

(not to piss off scoutking, but Das Bo Schitt likes it :D)

Boshittz can suck it!
serious note.
Longer teaser please.

Holy fuck, amazing animation

Thanks. I used the in game face poser and took screen shots for when the heavy was talking. For the dancing part, I welded the heavy’s torso to a 1x1 phx square. Then used the mussel tool on his thighs and his hands (all bound to different keys and pressed at different times) to make it look like he was dancing.

Good job with the animation.

Thanks. Entire team is babies 3 is going to have alot of fncypntz style ragdoll animation in it.

EY, I can’t wait.