entitie names in gmod

i need a place to find all the entitie names for like weapons added into gmod from CSS , player model entitie names
adn druzgmod 2.2 “drug entities” so i can add in custom shipments and jobs thank you


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What you are asking is pretty much impossible.

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Entity names are found in “addons/<addonname>/lua/entities”

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  2. Go to garrysmod/garrysmod/addons/counter-strike/lua/weapons/ and then the folder names are the class names of the weapons. (Class names are what lua uses to spawn/whatever else the weapons.)
  3. In the addons folder, in the durgz mod folder, go to lua/entities/ and then the folder names are the class names.
  4. The class names of the default weapons are
    weapon_physcannon --grav gun
    weapon_357 --revolver
    weapon_ar2 --pulse rifle
    gmod_tool --toolgun

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  1. HL2, DOD, and CSS playermodels are:
    urban --seal
    gasmask --SAS
    riot --CT
    swat --CT
    classic --classic zombie
    zombiefast --fast zombie
    zombie_soldier --zombine
    soldier_stripped --stripped combine soldier
    police --CP
    –all I can think of right now

5 cont.
guerilla --Just noticed that they spelled this wrong. It should be guerrilla.
charple01 --Blackened corpse thing
combine_soldier_prisonguard --Nova prospekt guards
combine_super_soldier --Combine elite
corpse1 --Non blackened, bloody corpse

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5 cont.
gman_high --gman with briefcase
monk --father grigori

That is all inside the GCF and its extract when the game is run to view it go here instead

How come I have that folder with a bunch of weapons in it?

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Just checked it and yes, I have all that in my garrysmod folder.

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I mean addons.

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  1. For the citizen models:
    –These are the normal citizens in blue jumpsuits
    models/player/group01/ --then all of the male_0?s and the female_0?s
    –These are the angry looking citizens in blue jump suits
    models/player/group02/female_0 --1, 3 and 6
    models/player/group02/male_0 --1, 3, 5, 7 and 9
    –These are the citizens in yellow sweaters
    models/player/group02/female_0 --2, 4 and 7
    models/player/group02/male_0 – 2, 4, 6 and 8
    –Later I’ll post the rebels and stuff

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