Entities and weapons not working

Ive just set up a dedicated server on another computer,
Ive added DarkRP and the gamemode itself works perfect exept for:
When I buy a gun, some food or a microwave etc. they spawn but you cant use them or pick them up with the gravity gun.

It works though to buy a shipment but when you spawn the weapon it does the same.

Please help!

Help please!
I got no idea why this isnt working!

no ideas?

There is so many versions of darkrp. Theres moded, official, others, try a new version of DarkRP.

Some DarkRP versions are bugged.

You need to install Counter-Strike:Source content onto the server.
hldsupdatetool -command update -game “Counter Strike:Source” -dir C:\content

Then move cstrike from C:\content to the orangebox directory of your server.

(You can change the directories if you want, just make sure that cstrike is in orangebox when you’re done)

I already got CSS but ill try a new DarkRP verision

Thx guys :slight_smile: