Entities are gone, too late for .vmx

Once upon a time I opened my .vmf and all the entities were gone. It’s too late for .vmx to work but I noticed I had an old working and playable version of the map as a .bsp, I rejoiced because I know it is possible to decompile maps. So I got VMEX and decompiled my map, I opened it in hammer and after getting to 98% hammer just closes out, re-open and all the entities are gone. I checked the de-compiloe log and it says “Entities 310” I think it might be something wrong with my hammer. Maybe because there are too many entities? Anyways I would appreciate any help I can get.

Not the visgroups, already checked that.

VMEX isn’t guaranteed to decompile your map properly ever. It’s more of an analyzing tool to see how things are done, and not there to recover a VMF.

Basically I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s mostly broken.

EDIT: You can try using BSPSource which is essentially an updated VMEX, but that might not do anything either.

Unfortunately same problem, but I tried unchecking world and made it decompile into entities only and it worked! Thank you so much! I was actually preparing to replace all 310! I owe you one man :smiley:

I save my .vmf’s in dropbox where i can restore previous versions.

This is the best way to go. I do the same and in case my computer ever shits out on me, I know my maps are safe.

So after many crashes I re-assembled the map with the entities from the decompiled map, and after saving under a new name, I close hammer and a few errors pop up. Next time I open it, all the entities are once again gone. Anyone have any ideas. Just in case it helps in the diagnosis, I want to note the crashes are Hammer just instantly closing upon copying the entities or pasting, not the program going white and being notified it stopped responding.

Any help?

The same thing happened to a map I’ve been working on for a small GMod community, I opened up the map one day and the entities were gone, and the backup was broken too.

Has anyone found a fix for all the entities disappearing? This just happened to me as well.