Entities Being Drawn Through Wall

I have a room and all its func_wall_toggle’s are being drawn even when outside of the room. The exterior walls are normal brushes (not tied to entity). I have hint brushes in the doorways (they never close) and i even tried putting occulder’s in them instead but it doesnt fix the issue.

I’m unsure if this is a real problem if something is being drawn while it is not visible to player. Source’s visibility optimizations are not clearly optimized to hide everything that is not visible. It only hides everything that is not possible to see from visleaf you’re currently in + some occlusion checks from area portals and occluders.
I think if you really want to hide it, you should try putting areaportals on doorways. These will perform occlusion of everything outside the doorways ‘hole’. You can also link these portals to doors to make them close and hide everything from drawing while doors are closed.

Yes they aren’t visible. Oddly, even if i walk up really close to the wall so that the doorway isnt visible, objects on the other side are still rendered.

EDIT: I figured out what’s happening. The visleafs aren’t cutting the room up properly. I had to change my design a bit (adding a L hallway) and adding a hint brush to the new hall corner fixed the issue.