Entities drawing problem

Hello everyone.

I’m making a map which have a voluntary big leak.

It’s a simple room with this leak.

But I have a problem. Entities disappear when they’re not near a world brush. But physically, they are here (I tested it), they’re just not drawed.

Is there a console command to fix this or is it in hammer ?

Sorry for my bad english, I’m french.

Don’t have a leak…

I want to make a leak to have a infinite map.
To avoid the bad effect, I will show an overlay on the player view.

Put a black brush around the outside of it to make it look like it has depth.

Seal the leak or bad shit will happen.

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But the map will not be infinite.

It won’t be infinate if you leave it open.

Also, as soon as anything leaves the max space, the server will crash. It is not possible to make an infinate map in source, half a mile cubed is all you get. I say all…its plently of space.

Also, if you leave it leaking, the map will encounter issues. The world space is intended to be closed. We will not offer support for someone who has a leak.

Maps limits are 16384;-16384

I put a wired GPS on a prop:

and I throw it in the void:

I have been mapping since 2005. You cannot make an infinate map, hammer has limits. See the grid…that is the max size of the map. If you try and use more, the map will either refuse to compile, or, when an object passes the threshhold, the map will crash.

You will not get support on this map if you have a leak in it. Most issues are caused by leaks, lights not lighting the map etc. Fix the leak, fix the issues.

I repeat this though, you cannot have an infinate map. The max grid is half a mile cubed, and you must seal the map for it to render correctly.

It was just a test, and apparently, it don’t work.
Anyway, thanks for the help.