Entities Spawn

Okay, i’m curious; Does anyone know how i would go about getting all entities from my gamemode, in the map…and output their positions in a table? and on Creating a function for each type of entity with the table as their locations?

Sort of like this.
function Bub(ply,cmd,args)
BubbleLocations = {}
BubbleLocations[“bubble1”] = {
Loc = “555.03350830078,-507.82836914063,-55.0482635498”
BubbleLocations[“bubble2”] = {
Loc = “812.53845214844,-901.52972412109,-50.0482635498”

for k,v in pairs(BubbleLocations) do
local Bubble = ents.Create(“bubble”);

return "";


But what i’m asking, is there a way , maybe not get all entity…but when i spawn an entity…add it’s location to the table?

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What do you mean? You already use locations, re-using the pos of them doesnt make sense.