Entities Spawning too Close (Killing You)

Hey guys, I have an issue.

The tank addon I have works via the entities menu.

I am creating a MilitaryRP server, and I need to use the F4 menu, and the entities section to be able to spawn the vehicles for people playing the jobs.

When the tank is spawned via the entities menu, the tank is spawned on the players head, killing them.

If I then spawn it through the Q menu, then the entities tab, it spawns it where I am looking.

Is there a way to change where the tank/entity spawns via the F4 menu, as it seems by default it spawns on top of me.

Add me on steam if you could possibly assist :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile:

Get the player’s eye pos and set the entity’s pos to it (and you probably gotta do some tweaking to prevent misplaced stuff)

Yea, i’m clueless of where to put any of that stuff, I have a basic idea of eye pos which is tr (Trace) but I would rather somebody could add me and tell me how or possibly put a template up which could be used :wink:

Im not sure if it works with entites but

Has some info on distance and angle

distance = 85, -- Optional, an offset distance, use when the vehicles are really big and spawn inside the player
        angle = Angle(0, 0, 0), -- Optional, an offset angle

Thank you, I already realized that, but its not too helpful. I wish the devs of the Neurotec tanks made them vehicles, but as they are entities, its different, which means different code.

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Anyone else know what this could be and a way to fix it?