Entities that requires to make good day/night cycle?

I’m trying to create Day/Night Cycle but I don’t know what entity to place.
Can you give me some tips for that?

Source lightmaps are baked in to the world geometry, it’s not possible to have day/night cycles without using ugly hacks that have bad perf issues or using Lua scripting.

Yeah, as far as I know, you can’t do that with existing Source entities. You can do it if you’re making it for Gmod, though. I believe Gmod has a few entities for that. There may be some lua scripting involved, though.

Add a targetname to light_environment by turning off smart edit and hitting new key or whatever it is. Type targetname for the key and anything for the value.

If you want true daynight, that’s a waaaay more adcanced system.

Also in your 3D skybox, make a func_brush, name it skybrush, set the fx mode to additive, and set the alpha to 0.

You could also simulate the nightly tint with color correction. Unfortunately, it would also affect the interiors.

Isnt that what underhell did?

It did, and really well done too. The color correction just kinda gives off a “creepy night” effect, instead of actual darkness. Originally the color correction flipped on and off like a switch at a certain time, but in the Chapter 1 release it transitioned from day to night, which is pretty much exactly what the OP wants to do.

Maybe this can help you too