Entity Buildables?

I recently got an awesome idea of making a entity buildable. For example a turret. Now I’ve got 2 models, the bottom part and the part that is actually going to turn around and shoot people. But I can’t ever remember 1 mod right now that even has such a thing. Can anybody explain how this can be done? (A.K.A. Turret)

I don’t know if this will help you or not, but there is a working tf2 turret.

SBEP has a hardpoint system, look at that.

SBEP doesn’t help me cause the thing is for attaching while i want the whole thing instead. Although that tf2 thing might help. If I change the model and restrict it from self bulding, It might just work


Nope I failed. BTW I found the mod I was looking for, but its a hl2 Mod and not a GMod. So it doesn’t help much. Unless somebody can convert the turret from there into lua, I am hopeless :confused: