Entity bullet owner

Hey guys im making a entity turret and when it kills someone it says “sent_vt killed “player””
how can i make it so the killers name is the entitys owner
heres my code so far

function ENT:FireShot()

if ( self.NextShot > CurTime() ) then return end

self.NextShot = CurTime() + self.Delay

local bullet = {}
	bullet.Num 			= self:GetNWInt("BN")
	bullet.Src 			= self:GetPos()
	bullet.Dir 			= self:GetNWVector("Pos") - self:GetPos()
	bullet.Spread 		= self:GetNWVector("Spread")
	bullet.Tracer		= 1
	bullet.Force		= 5
	bullet.Damage		= self:GetNWInt("Damage")
	bullet.Attacker 	= self.Owner
self.Entity:FireBullets( bullet )




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on the 2nd to last line, change self.Entity:FireBullets(bullet) to self.Owner:FireBullets(bullet). So it would be like the spawner shot the bullet but its coming from the turret so the killer would show up as the owner.

I think.


Or, you could set the owner of the turret to the player, but that would mean the player would nocollide with it and not be able to move it I think. You could do SetPhysicsAttacker, but it would just be easier to do like you said and fire the bullets from the owner.