entity creating (new)

Is their a way to create a new entity?
Lets say I wanne make a info_player_ownstart for use in team.setspawnpoint()

Is there a way to accomplish this?

[lua]local spawn = ents.Create(“info_player_start”)
spawn:SetPos( vector_origin )

That creates a spawn at the origin.

I was referring to a new entity, already know how to make existing entities

He just told you how to do exactly what you asked for. Use spawn for the team.SetSpawnPoint() function, if thats what you end up naming it.

Ah, ok. Your question was a little vague. You mean you want to create a custom scripted entity?

If that’s so, unfortunately there aren’t really any good tutorials that I know of. I would recommend editing a very simple SENT someone else made.

No he din’t


Okay, i’ll try and look for something simular thats already been made by somone and look at the code