Entity GameMode (EGM) Outdated and awesome

Finding and resurecting this addon would be awesome, it had been made during Gmod13 beta.
Some of you guys may remember that mod working with entities allowing you to set up quick, small deathmatches or flags etc…
I tought It was a really good idea but whats the point of having this addon in singleplayer?
Today I think back and I wish this addon could be brought back to life because I believe it could be connected
with some gamemodes and addons like the PointShop for instance on servers.

EDIT: Found the outdated files + original thread


The addon is outdated; are you asking for someone to update it for you?

I know it is outdated, it used to work with Gmod13 BETA so I was thinking that a conversion could be made since it hadn’t had time to get known really well considering the short beta period.
Nevertheless I have to find the original outdated files before trying to get a coder to convert it.

If someone could do it I think I wouldnt be the only one satisfied. I never seen that kind of mod before, it’d be wrong to keep it dead in the Beta collections…

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Since I now have found the original files and post, the next step would be effectively to update it. I can not do this myself but as I said, I am not the only one who would profit from this conversion.
If someone is willing to check over it, that’d be awesome.