my target is to change some logic_relay and other logic_* behavior on compiled map.

so I’m try to achieve this with :GetSaveTable or :GetInternalVariable. but this function’s don’t show to me current behavior…

is it possible?

for example what i’m talking about:

is it possible to change
from “OnMapSpawn nk_wheel,kill,1,-1”
to “OnMapSpawn nk_whel,kill,0,-1”
with lua for example?

My guess would be no because logic_auto has to spawn before you can interact with it, at which point OnMapSpawn has likely triggered.

Failing that, though, you might have better luck with the KeyValues functions for entities.

thank you for answer… my bad) bad example…

KeyValues also don’t show me logic relations even if not on world spawn.

let’s say trigger is “User1”, not “OnMapSpawn”… problem the same. any function that presented on wiki(or i can’t find it :slight_smile: ), never return logic relations.