Entity Help

I’ve been messing around with Post process and I’ve run in to trouble.

[LUA]function ENT:Use( activator, caller )


if (activator:IsPlayer() ) then
activator:ConCommand("pp_sobel 1")
timer.Create("timer", 10, 1, activator.ConCommand, activator, "pp_sobel 0")
activator:ConCommand("say Test!")


When i use the sent nothing happens and i’m not getting any errors. I’m trying to make it so pp_sobel 1 turns on when i use it and 10 seconds later it turns off. I might be completely wrong, but this is my second sent.

I just realized that i spelled entity wrong in the title my bad! :smith:

Try this, might not work, currently downloading Garry’s Mod so I couldn’t test.

function ENT:Use( activator, caller )
if ( activator:IsPlayer() ) then
activator:ConCommand( “pp_sobel 1” )
timer.Simple( 10, function() activator:ConCommand( “pp_sobel 0” ) end )
activator:ConCommand( “say Test!” )