Entity made out of several models

Hey, I want to create an entity that’s made up of more than just one model. Let’s say you press E on it and then you get ammo. That’s simple enough and I got that.
But the entity itself shouldn’t be just one crate model, but three and perhaps have even more models.

Like you can see here

How do I do that though?

Well, you can try something like this:

local tbPos = {
	{pos = Vector(0, 0, 50), ang = Angle(0, 10, 0)},
	{pos = Vector(-50, 0, 0), ang = Angle(0, 0, 0)},
	{pos = Vector(50, 0, 0), ang = Angle(0, 0, 0)},

function ENT:Draw()
	local vecOrigin = self:GetPos();
	for k,v in next, tbPos do
		self:SetPos(vecOrigin + v["pos"]);


not tested, and probably not a very good way of doing it, you could make an entity that spawns 3 props internally aswell, again, not tested

Your example looks like it could just be a single model, comprised of all those other models.

It would be the least buggy way but also requires modelling skills