Entity not appearing in the entities tab.

I’m working on a cooking addon and I’m trying to create the entity “dough”. The cooking addon isn’t even loading i’m pretty sure since i put print(“testing”) in the code and that wont even appear in the console. I added local entDough = ents.Create(“props_physics”) and then did entDough:Spawn() and entDough:Activate(). Still nothing appears in the entity tab at all. I also created a category, and cant even see the category in the entities tab. The addon is directory is - steam / steamapps / common / GarrysMod / garrysmod / addons / Cookingmod / lua / entities / dough. And in there I have the cl_init.lua, init.lua and shared.lua. I included and AddCSLuaFile(“cl_init.lua”) so on so on. Could use some help!

Can we see your shared file?

ENT.Type = “anim”
ENT.Base = “base_gmodentity”

ENT.PrintName = “Dough”
ENT.Author = “Kling”
ENT.Contact = “Add me on steam :D”
ENT.Purpose = “To create different types of food”
ENT.Instructions = “Dont drop it on the floor!”
ENT.Spawnable = true

You might need ENT.Category, and you always need


I do have a ENT:SpawnFunction, Category is there aswell. Still not appearing.

You do not – with no spawn function specified, the entity will be placed at the player’s eye trace position.

Is the spawnfunction suppose to be in the shared, client or server file?