Entity not showing up in Hammer, but is in the FGD file

Hi, I put a new entity into my mod, and then I put it in a FGD file. However, Hammer is not loading it up for whatever reason.

Here’s the entity definition stuff straight from my FGD.

Anything in messages window when loading hammer?

Are other entities in the same FGD showing up, or is this the only entity?

If this is the last entity in the file, have you tried adding a few returns after the end ]?

No messages here, sadly.

Other entities are showing up, just not this one.

I’ll try that once I re-implement the entity into my mod. I don’t know how to do the return thing though, since I haven’t really messed around with FGDs that much.

EDIT: I just tested a FGD entry from https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Dynamic_Weapon_Spawns and it shows up in hammer, so it might have something to do with the code of the entity definition itself.