Entity Ownership Inquiry

Hey all, I’ve managed to spawn an entity NPC that I’m going to use as an NPC shop.

Does anyone know how to set the ownership of the NPC to “blocked” and not “world”?

It is set to a world prop / entity by default. Is there any way to make it blocked?


EDIT: I guess I’m asking how to make the entity (my npc I made) toolgun proof, and physgun proof to everyone, but keep their collision box as SOLID_BBOX?

Aka. FPP ?
Q > FPP > Blocked entities > Add entity you are looking at.

Not quite.

There’s an option within FPP that allows or disallows physgun and toolgun on blocked entities. This, however, is different from the “blocked models” list in FPP.

When a player tries to use the material tool on another player, he gets “blocked” pop up on his screen. I want this to happen with my npc ent. So, the npc would be under the blocked category, and not the map / world category. Any advice?

This is defiantly the solution. You go to the phygun options(and tool options) and press Add the entity you’re looking at. NOT the blocked models.

That worked. Thank you guys.