Entity PhysicsInit and SetMoveType


I’m making an entity witch is thrown from a weapon.

But I have some problem with her physical properties.

I use this:


My first problem is that when I use MOVETYPE_VPHYSICS when it is thrown it freeze in the air and when I use MOVETYPE_FLYGRAVITY it is thrown but it slide on the world while I want it to bounce and roll on it.
So if you got your own MOVETYPE_CUSTOM that does these things can you give me yours.

Also I want it to be solid but it no clip with players and doesn’t push others props.

I also have some problems with a sound that is played when the Entity hit the world.
The problem is that it spam the sound when it hit it.
If you have a way to make it only play once and is able to play again when it no longer hit it then hit it again.

It’s difficult to say what the problem is with the information you have provided, have you made sure the entity’s physics object is awake with self:PhysWake() or self:GetPhysicsObject():Wake()? As for defining what the entity collides with, look into using self:SetCollisionGroup(). If you want to play the sound only on first contact, consider using the PhysicsCollide or StartTouch and EndTouch events, though be careful if you are thinking of using timers with these.