Entity Problem in Hammer 3.5

Ive been recently starting to use hammer 3.5 instead of Source SDK because i wanted to try out mapping for half life 1, but every time I place an entity somewhere in the map like monster_barney. When i run the map hes not there.

In Hammer: The Blue Squares are monster_barney and monster_gman. and the pink squares are scripted sequences.

In Game:

P.S. is there a way to see the models rendered when they are placed?

Oh boy, I haven’t touched Hammer 3.5 in years. I’ll try to see if I can help.

Are there any flags on the moster entities that would disable them. Something like “Start Disabled” or something in the manner?

Also, if I recall correctly, you can’t see models rendered when they’re placed in Hammer 3.5. That feature was added after HL2:EP1 got released It think.

There are no flags on any of the Entities and I recently watched a tutorial on hammer where his entities were rendered as he placed them down.