Entity Removal, And Title

Hello, I have 2 questions, how would I go about making an entity be removed on a job change, and a d/c, and how would i make it when you look at an entity you would see a “Title” Saying “Ammo Crate”, or something like that.

So it’s a request for finished code or you are looking for tips?

You could hook Think and then run a traceline.

edit: hook HUDPaint

Using Think hook for drawing stuff? Where the hell am I :open_mouth:
This: http://wiki.garrysmod.com/page/GM/HUDPaint should be used at all times for stuff like hud elements

Oh, oops, good point. I wasn’t thinking about the HUD drawing, just about the traceline.

Thanks, I have another question, on an inventory system I am modifying, i want to make the item list less wide, the hight works, but the width dosent. Here is a video:

god i hope this is a troll

you have to change the width not the height, and change it more than 2 pixels…

Did you try w-2 and then w-2 again? I’m confused and the image quality wasn’t to good (My fault, internets busy so refused to go into 720).

Yes I know, the width is most definitely not 2 pixels in the video, more like 100. I tried changing it, the hight changes, but the width does not get affected.

w-2 = whatever the variable w is minus two

not two

Yeah I tried w-2, w-A couple different numbers, and just 30. IT dosent affect it one bit.

try editing the variable w instead of subtracting a number from it

I Cant find where it defines the w variable, But if I change it to (30, 74) instead of (w-2, 74) Wouldnt it make the width 30?


It’s :SetSize( w, h ).
Replace W with the actual number (on the video you only reduced height, instead of width).
If you want it to be 2 smaller than the other panel, just do ThisPanel:SetSize( otherPanel:GetWide(), h )