Entity:SetPos() not working on prop_ragdoll

I’m rewriting the trigger_teleport entity and so far it’s working good. The problem is I can get prop_ragdoll to trigger the ENT:StartTouch() which uses ent:SetPos() to move the entity to the destination, however ent:SetPos() throws no errors and also doesn’t teleport the prop_ragdoll. All other thing’s i’ve teseted work, prop_physics, player, npc, toybox entities, all work. I know it’s not a collision problem because ENT:StartTouch() is being called. Is there a different way to set the position of a ragdoll? Thanks in advance, any help is appreciated.

for i=0,ent:GetPhysicsObjectCount()-1 do

Hmm, that almost worked, now they freeze in mid air and I can’t physgun them anymore, but they don’t not react at all which is progress.


OK, so i followed one and it does teleport, but leaves an after image, like freeze frame in mid air that I can shoot but not physgun. I thought ragdolls when not from something killed were server side?


Here’s are some pictures, do I need to setpos on the client too?


Try waking them.

Nope doesn’t work either, I’ve been doing some investigating and it looks like there is a client side model for the ragdolls, I think I need to set the position on that too but i’m not sure how to go about it. As Far as I know the client side model has the same name as the one on the server, I guess I’ll have to add some client code to my teleport.


Just noticed that it will stay there as long as I’m looking at in but when my view leaves the vis leaf it goes away