entity snapping

I can’t seem to get entities lined up correctly.

For example, I can’t get doors lined with adjacent brushes correctly. I’ve tried removing the grid snaps, etc.

How would I go about getting entities lined up correctly whilst still keeping a relatively large grid?

Make a brush with the skip texture around them. Group everything and move it that way. You are now aligning the brush not the individual entities. Skip is deleted while compiling so you can just leave it in the map

I’m confused, I’m not sure I follow you, my man.

You can use a 3d modeling program to get a perfect alignment. Otherwise just hold alt while dragging your model in hammer and eye it.

You could take a screenshot of your problem so we can better understand the problem

You said entities so I thought you are talking about the common situation that you set up something that consists of multiple entities. In that case hammer sometimes draws a slightly larger “box” around the selected entities. Now when moving it does not use the origin point of eg your prop_door_rotating but that bounding box that is slightly off grid. The result is misaligned entities. The solution is skip brushes.

Valves models have properly set up origin points so with a grid of 16 or at lowest 8 you will always get good alignment. Of course sometimes you have to tie that in with your surrounding brushes. This is something I recommend anyways as textures are set up for certain sizes aswell.

If you are dealing with non-stock models and you encountered those issues the models just have “badly” set up origin points. In that case you have to just deal with it or do what sreap mentioned and change the origin point in a modeling software. Blender is my recommendation

I used SHIFT+W, and it worked… however, I don’t like using small grids. It’s hard not to fuck the doors up.