Entity specific umsg and hook

So I wont bore you with great details, but I need a umsg on the init.lua of my entity to send a string to the cl_init.lua, which is fairly simple, until it is more than likely that two identical entities will be spawned.

What I have:
Server side:

function ENT:UpdatePhase(np)
	phase = np
	umsg.Start( "updatePhase", player.GetAll() )
	umsg.String( phase )

(I’m going to change to broadcast eventually)
Client side:

usermessage.Hook( "updatePhase", doThings )

What I’m looking for:

function ENT:UpdatePhase(np)
	phase = np
	umsg.Start( "updatePhase" .. uniqueCode(), player.GetAll() )
	umsg.String( phase )

Client side:

usermessage.Hook( "updatePhase".. uniqueCode(), doThings )

Thanks for any help!


This is the problem, only one of these is displaying the correct information, then other is displaying it’s “twin’s”:


The server knows better, however the client doesn’t.

You could send the entity in the usermessage and use the same identifier for the messages.

[CROSSOUT]Scheiße, why didn’t I think of that? You’re the best! Thanks[/CROSSOUT]


Hmm, that can’t work because the client wouldn’t know which entity is telling the client about itself

By the way I’d look into net messages, if I recall correctly they’re more efficient than usermessages.

Net messages allow more data; 64kb opposed to 255 bytes with umsg. Additionally, net-message are sent instantly ( same frame ) whereas umsgs are sent the next frame.

Ohhh, Acecool again :stuck_out_tongue: (you replied to another thread of mine not long ago)
So you guys recommend that I do it through the net library? Is there no id or something that both the client and server know about an entity? And how would I be able to go about doing it through the net library? It look like nearly the same thing

It pretty much is, although net library doesn’t take RecipientFilters; it uses a table of players if you choose to send data to a list of players from the server. So it can be one player by their self, or a list of many.

You can use net.WriteEntity and net.ReadEntity although I have see users have issues with this method where they send the data to the client right after creating the entity and it arrives as a NULL entity; to combat this you write the EntIndex( ) of the newly created entity in a message and then use Entity( net.ReadX( ) ) where X is the number type you use. Even though the back-end uses this same method, for some odd reason it does resolve the issue when doing it manually.

A basic net library script bearing in mind that when you create a network string, it can be used on both the client and server as a receiver:

[lua]util.AddNetworkString( “MyNetMessage” );

net.Receive( “MyNetMessage”, function( length, Player )
local _inString = net.ReadString( )

 net.Start( "MyNetMessage" );
 net.WriteString( _inString .. "1, 2, 3..." );
 net.Broadcast( ); // Sends to all clients which is identical to :: net.Send( player.GetAll( ) )
 -- net.Send( Entity( 1 ) ) // Will send to the first player
 -- net.Send( { Entity( 1 ), Entity( 2 ) } ) // Will send to the first and second players

end );[/lua]

net.Receive( “MyNetMessage”, function( length )
print( net.ReadString( ) ); // We sent a message to the server, the server rebounded the message back to the client with additional data – output should be Testing1, 2, 3…
end );

net.Start( “MyNetMessage” );
net.WriteString( “Testing” );
net.SendToServer( );

Sorry acecool, but i can’t send entities on “The same frame”

timer.Simple(0.1,function() //With less than 0.05 sent is nil

PS: please guys…If i try to edit a lua code it fucking breaks, itremove tags and spaces…Please…

(I will test your solution about entindex)