Entity that instantly regenerates your health?

I’m making a TF2 jump map, and I’m working on a “triple rocket jump” jump.

Since I’ll be using three rockets at nearly the same moment to jump, normally I’d just end up suiciding since one rocket = 120ish self damage.

Is there any type of entity that will let me regenerate my health fast enough to be able to take three rockets exploding in a row?

I know that you can cover a brush with the trigger texture, then tie it to the func_regenerate entity, then place a supply locker inside of the brush, but the problem is that once the locker regens your health, it has a three second cool-down time before it can regen your health again.

I need to be able to regenerate my health the instant I take damage with zero cool-down time in between regens.

What do I do? Do I place a large medkit inside the trigger, or something completely different?

Well, you can use a trigger_hurt to have negative amounts of damage, which heals you. I’m not sure this would have the desired effect though. It is far too slow. Hmmm… More than one func_regenerate overlapping each other?

trigger_multiple with “OnStartTouch->!activator->SetHealth->250” but that would require cheats I believe…

Do what Lord Ned said, but be sure to set the flags for that trigger to Clients only.

The trigger_hurt with a large negative value seems better suited to what he’s trying to do.

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Didn’t seem to work for me; when i set it to “SetHealth”, the text turns red, and it doesn’t work when i playtest.

I tried trigger_hurt set to -999999, and yes it still regens a bit too slow. I ended up suiciding on only two rockets + fall damage. :frowning:

I guess I’ll try overlapping a few func_regenerate entities.



What do you mean you’re using rockets?

The soldier jumps… With his ROCKETS.

So I get rated dumb because I don’t play TF2?

In a thread about a TF2 Question? Yes.