Entity Timer Problem

I have an entity with several timers which when the first timer ends it does a function and starts a new timer and there is 8 of them.

timer.Create("Stage2", 10, 1, function()
self.Entity: function stuffs here

timer.Create("Stage3", 15, 1, function()
self.Entity: function stuffs here

The problem is if I spawn more than one of these entities only the newly spawned one will work and the others will stop doing the functions.

The timers are shared across every entity with the same class. You need to create the timers with unique names to each entity. The best way to do this is like this:

timer.Create("Stage2_"..self:EntIndex(), 10, 1, function()
    -- function stuff here

Okay thanks ill try that

Woot this fixed it thanks man.
Also I have a swep that can only be used on some items so i’ve blacklisted items such as door,func_ and other ones.
How would I blacklist world props is it just world?

If you’re talking about the actual map it’s classname is “worldspawn”