Entity to Entity translations

OKAY! my entity sucks up other entities to create new entities. my problem is that once my entity(Stove model) Creates the NEW entity, it automatically sucks it back up, and the cycle restarts.
SO, i came up with a kind of solution. i am going to add another, Whole new entity(dont know what prop to use yet)
Solely for the function of Sucking up entities. my problem is that i cannot get the new sucker-up entity to communicate to the stove entity that it needs to Start the Creation process.
in short, i have two questions:

1: how can i make another entity spawn along with that entity?
2: how can i make the new entity be positioned right beside it? is there a tool to figure out XYZ values?
3: how can i rotate/position the new entity to my liking?
4: how can i WELD my new entity to the stove entity upon spawn?
5: how can i send a message to the stove entity that it needs to create shit, from the new entity?

Thanks in advance!

local offset = Vector(1,2,3) --play around
local angOffset = Angle(4,5,6) --with these

function ENT:Initialize()

--init physics and shit

local pos = self:LocalToWorld(offset)
local ang = self:GetAngles()


self.otherThing = ents.Create("stove")



function ENT:OnSucked(dick) --call this when it sucks shit up

self.otherThing:OnSucked(dick) --calls a function on the stove entity