Entity Tool Help

Hello :slight_smile:

I am working on a map, it is almost finished and I have one thing left to figure out. So I decided to post here on Facepunch to ask for advice and help, I tried working it out but it was too difficult for me.
I got basic experience with Hammer Editor and know a bit of the content quite well.

But in this case, I must do something special with the Entity Tool: I want to set out a Entity that spawn a weapon, but not just a weapon. Once it spawn the weapon, if you pick it up, it will respawn again in 60 seconds.
When you collect the weapon, it will randomly pick between a few weapons and then spawn that weapon it picked on the Entity spot after 60 seconds again.

This is my only problem left and I am grateful for any help & tips.
If anyone can tell/teach me what to do, that would be so awesome. :slight_smile:
Thanks in advance Mappers!

Point_template linked to a logic_timer.

The weapon gets placed somewhere. It’s outputs will be:
Onpickup timer enable
The timer will have:
Ontimer template forcespawn
And the template will have:
Onspawn timer disable

Fairly simple setup.

Thanks for the help but

Where did I set the timer exactly?
To 60 seconds.

refire interval

Been waiting over 15 minutes for my map to compile now, only to test it out IF it works or not.

Run everything on fast when you’re testing something small and, if possible, copy it into a separate .vmf because it will compile in a few seconds.

It would be easier to use the cordon tool if you need to compile a specific area, rather than a separate VMF.