Entity/Weapon/NPC/Vehicle spawnicons

I’ve heard that spawnicons (vmt, vtf) are made with Photoshop, not sure though. But i don’t have Photoshop. So how i make spawnicons for my new Entities, Weapons, NPCs or vehicles?

all you need is VTFedit, nothing else.

You can use gimp and save as a tga :clint:

WTF? since when are spawnicons a .tga file???

Thanks. got it

You compile a .tga into a .vtf :downs:

Another problem: The spawnincons look flashy (flickering icon). How to fix it? Converted [128*128 16 million colors tga] image to vtf.

Use these settings:

	"$basetexture" "blabla"
	"$translucent" 1

No effect. Still flickering.

My guess is that you change “blabla” to the texture you want to use?

Just guessing though, I have no idea.

I assume he knew that already.

Nevermind. changed “LightmappedGeneric” to “VertexlitGeneric” and flickering stopped. So now it works well.

Spawnicons should be UnlitGeneric.